*~American New Intelligence: Anonymous NOV 5 18MMM ~*

Reupload from American New Intelligence:

Greetings World,
A meme of music and video mix dedicated to:

The Idea and those of the collective Million Mask March Nov5 http://millionmaskmarch2018.com

A gate with no door, societies drugged, killed and controlled, refugees and those seeking political asylum continuously oppressed, children and human organs are commodities, the sick and wounded become possessions, targets of mans desire for power, wealth, status, end game, the control of ones mind and the outcome of future events, not many are free, Abuse of groups and wealth inequality are symbiotic. The idea of Democracy is to create equality. Where there is no equal opportunity there is no Democracy and groups on the bottom are terrorized.
Expect Us Freedom or Tyranny We Are Legion

audio re-mix title: [Anonymous-CyberForce]

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