Ti-83+ Password Hacking

How to hack a Windows Xp logon. This ti-83+ calculator program was developed by me. It is written in Asm and utilizes/exploits the ti-83+’s “continuous link” ability and “scan” function to scan a computer’s registry for the log on usernames and passwords. This program has worked on every Windows XP computer I have tried it on. It does not seem to work on Vista nor versions of Windows earlier than XP. Please comment on the video and tell me how I can improve my program! Thanks to all!

**Anyone wanting more details on the program should leave a comment and I will try to answer any questions.**

**Explanation of the random dissolve: My digital camera stopped recording half way through, so i had to stop and start again.**

**Sorry for the shakeyness of the video, it s not easy to record, run a program on a calc., type/move mouse, etc., all at the same time… :)**

**Because I am in the middle of patenting/copyrighting this program, the code will not be released until I am finised doing so**

**I suppose the name of the program on the calculator should be “PW HACKER/STEALER” instead of “PW CRACKER”. Cracking means like brute force right? Thats not what this is.**