Destination Linux EP105 – Bo Knows Hacking – Hosted by Ryan, Zeb, Noah & Michael

On this episode of Destination Linux, we are joined by a special guest, Bo Weaver, a professional penetration tester to discuss hacking, security, and more. Then we talk about some big plans for 2019 from Valve, Solus and Lightworks. Then we’ll discuss the news around Purism’s new laptops, Chromebook adds APT support, and GNOME. Later in the show,we’ll check out some Linux Gaming news. All that and much more including our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!

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Topics covered in this episode:

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– Big Plans In 2019 For Solus
– GNOME Has More Performance Tweaks In The Works
– Patch Your Distro – Systemd Vulnerability
– Lightworks Has Big Plans In 2019
– New Librem Laptops To Drool Over
– Chromebook Adds Apt Search To Launcher
– Valve Has Lots Of Changes Coming This Year

Software Spotlight:

Tips & Tricks:
Give your terminal a bad attitude
Step 1: Type visudo
Step 2: At the bottom of the ‘Defaults’ add a new line ‘Defaults insults’.
Step 3: Save the file

Now when you mistype your password you get insulted.
Example Ryan got:
Harm can come to a young lad like that!
There’s nothing wrong with you that an expensive operation can’t prolong.
Where did you learn to type?